descriptionOpen Source library to communicate via USB with Projectors and Digital Picture Frames based on the Actions Micro AM7XXX family of ICs
ownerAntonio Ospite
last changeTue, 30 Dec 2014 22:47:04 +0000 (23:47 +0100)
2014-12-30 Antonio Ospiteexamples: fix handling optional libraries in target_lin... master
2014-11-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: improve a comment
2014-11-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: fix a possible case of use before initiali...
2014-11-05 Antonio Ospitedoc: update
2014-07-07 Antonio Ospiteexamples: the examples were always meant to be all...
2014-05-15 Antonio OspiteRelease version 0.1.5 v0.1.5
2014-05-15 Antonio OspiteHACKING.asciidoc: update Windows cross-build section...
2014-05-12 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: port to libav10
2014-05-08 Antonio OspiteUpdate email address and copyright years
2014-05-08 Antonio Ospitecontrib/performance/README: fix some typos
2014-05-08 Antonio Ospitecosmetics: remove some trailing spaces
2014-05-08 Antonio OspiteREADME.asciidoc: update instructions to test libam7xxx...
2014-05-08 Antonio OspiteHACKING.asciidoc: update the build instructions for...
2014-05-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: don't use partial designated initializers
2014-05-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add a portable_endian.h
2014-05-07 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'zoom-tele-picopix'
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22 months ago v0.1.3 Release version 0.1.3
2 years ago debian/0.1.2-1 Debian release 0.1.2-1
2 years ago v0.1.2 Tag version 0.1.2, hopefully the...
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2 years ago v0.1.0 Tag version 0.1.0, the first libam7...
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