2011-09-30 Antonio OspiteRelease v0.2 as the first actually working release v0.2
2011-09-30 Antonio OspiteFix several problems in linux_find_root_device
2011-09-23 Antonio OspiteRelease a new version with a ChangeLog file v0.1a
2011-09-23 Antonio OspiteMakefile: add a rule to generate a GNU style ChangeLog
2011-09-23 Antonio OspiteREADME: adjust wording and add links to kboot.conf...
2011-09-22 Antonio OspiteRemove the debian/ dir from the master branch v0.1
2011-09-13 Antonio OspiteAdd an alternative way to find the root device
2011-09-13 Antonio OspiteFix a typo: the 10_linux we ispire from is from grub
2011-09-13 Antonio OspitePut "set -e" after the license header
2011-09-13 Antonio OspiteCleanup debian/postinst and debian/postrm scripts
2011-09-13 Antonio OspiteNo need to be a native debian package
2011-04-15 Antonio OspiteHandle the case when links like /dev/root are returned
2011-04-14 Antonio OspiteInitial import