descriptionOpen Source library to communicate via USB with Projectors and Digital Picture Frames based on the Actions Micro AM7XXX family of ICs
ownerAntonio Ospite
last changeTue, 14 Feb 2017 09:04:19 +0000 (10:04 +0100)
2017-02-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: simplify the device info caching operation... master
2017-02-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: make sure am7xxx_get_device_info() always retur...
2016-06-30 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: get rid of the deprecated function av_free...
2016-06-30 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: get rd of the deprecated function avpictur...
2016-06-30 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: get rid of the deprecated function avpictu...
2016-06-30 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: simplify one return path in am7xxx_init()
2016-06-29 Antonio Ospiteexamples/CMakeLists.txt: clean up Feature Test Macro...
2016-06-29 Antonio Ospitesrc/CMakeLists.txt: fix a compilation warning about...
2016-06-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: add more informations about how the raw...
2016-06-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: output more informative message when get_x...
2016-06-29 Antonio OspiteHACKING.asciidoc: mention libxcb1-dev as a build dependency
2016-01-09 Antonio OspiteFix a missing parenthesis in some output strings
2016-01-09 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-modeswitch: adjust comment formatting
2015-11-18 Antonio OspiteNEWS: fix a typo s/am7xx-play/am7xxx-play/
2015-11-17 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: bump _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 200112L for lroundf()
2015-11-17 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: remove a useless empty line
22 months ago debian/0.1.6-2 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.6-2
22 months ago debian/0.1.6-1 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.6-1
22 months ago v0.1.6 Release version 0.1.6
2 years ago debian/0.1.5-3 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.5-3
3 years ago debian/0.1.5-2 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.5-2
3 years ago debian/0.1.5-1 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.5-1
3 years ago debian/0.1.4-3 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.4-3
3 years ago v0.1.5 Release version 0.1.5
4 years ago debian/0.1.4-2 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.4-2
4 years ago debian/0.1.4-1 libam7xxx Debian release 0.1.4-1
4 years ago v0.1.4 Release version 0.1.4
4 years ago debian/0.1.3-1 Debian release 0.1.3-1
4 years ago v0.1.3 Release version 0.1.3
5 years ago debian/0.1.2-1 Debian release 0.1.2-1
5 years ago v0.1.2 Tag version 0.1.2, hopefully the...
5 years ago v0.1.1 Tag version 0.1.1, the first packag...
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