am7xxx: fix coding style
[libam7xxx.git] / src / am7xxx.c
2013-03-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: fix coding style
2012-12-17 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'fix-devinfo-for-PicoPix'
2012-12-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: make libam7xxx work with Philips/Sagemcom PPX...
2012-12-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: cache device info in am7xxx_get_device_info()
2012-12-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: detect unexpected responses to AM7XXX_PACKET_TY...
2012-11-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: don't mention AM7XXX_DIRECTION_OUT in read_header()
2012-11-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add a note on the symmetry of read_header(...
2012-11-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: assign device_list next to its first use
2012-11-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: print text description of the 'direction' field
2012-10-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add support for Philips/SagemCom PicoPix PPX...
2012-07-27 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'am7xxx_set_zoom_mode'
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: update signature and documentation of am7xxx_se...
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: implement support for the AM7XXX_PACKET_TYPE_ZOOM
2012-07-08 Antonio OspiteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rettichschnidi'
2012-07-08 Reto SchneiderAdd missing break.
2012-06-17 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: rename am7xxx_header.unknown0 to am7xxx_header...
2012-06-09 Matti Koskinenam7xxx: add support for Aiptek PocketCinema T25
2012-05-13 Richard Wisenoeckeram7xxx: add support for Acer C112
2012-05-10 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'mingw-port'
2012-05-10 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: fix setting the USB configuration
2012-05-10 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: use hex notation for USB endpoints
2012-03-28 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: control shared library symbols visibility
2012-03-26 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'unstable'
2012-03-21 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: round scaled_height and scaled_width
2012-03-21 Antonio OspiteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rettichschnidi...
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderFix typo: architechtures -> architectures
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable' into...
2012-03-17 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: fix a typo, s/it's/its/
2012-03-16 Reto SchneiderMerge branch 'unstable' into rettichschnidi
2012-03-16 Reto SchneiderPurely cosmetic change: add missing newline
2012-03-15 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add am7xxx_calc_scaled_image_dimensions()
2012-03-06 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: rename the 'size' argument of am7xxx_send_image...
2012-03-01 Antonio Ospitecosmetics: remove some unneeded white spaces
2012-03-01 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: introduce a new am7xxx_device_info type
2012-02-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: use the logging infrastructure
2012-02-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add a simple logging infrastructure
2012-02-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: track the context in am7xxx_device
2012-02-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: pass the context to add_new_device() and find_d...
2012-02-29 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: silent a warning enabled by 'sparse' about...
2012-02-23 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add multi-device support
2012-02-23 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: support other devices which talk the same protocol
2012-02-23 Antonio Ospitecmake: fix libusb search
2012-02-23 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: change am7xx_device definition, better buffer...
2012-02-23 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: initialize the 'transferred' variable before...
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteMake struct am7xxx_header and related types private
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteImplement am7xxx_get_device_info()
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteAdd info about transfer direction in debug messages...
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteImplement am7xxx_set_power_mode()
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteIndent header_data fields when dumping headers
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteDocument in_80chars() and remove reference_image_header[]
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteDump the data only in DEBUG builds
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteSerialize struct am7xxx_header properly before sending...
2012-01-15 Antonio OspiteRelicense under GPLv2+
2012-01-15 Antonio OspiteFix Copyright year
2012-01-13 Antonio OspiteRename the header_len field to header_data_len
2012-01-13 Antonio OspiteUse Cmake and make libam7xxx a shared library