am7xxx-play: fix a possible case of use before initialization
[libam7xxx.git] / examples / am7xxx-play.c
2014-11-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: fix a possible case of use before initiali...
2014-05-12 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: port to libav10
2014-05-08 Antonio OspiteUpdate email address and copyright years
2014-05-07 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'zoom-tele-picopix'
2014-05-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: allow setting the AM7XXX_ZOOM_TELE zoom...
2013-09-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: cosmetics, fix coding style
2013-07-27 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: fix a crash when a packet cannot be encoded
2013-07-27 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: don't initialize variables when not needed
2013-07-27 Antonio Ospiteexamples: silence a couple of clang warnings
2013-07-20 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: use am7xxx_send_image_async()
2013-07-20 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: uniform coding style
2013-05-26 Antonio Ospiteexamples: print the usage message when a required optio...
2013-03-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: switch to avcodec_encode_video2()
2013-03-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: remove an unreachable break
2013-03-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: rename 'packet' to 'in_packet'
2012-09-17 Antonio Ospiteexamples: support multiple devices
2012-07-27 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'am7xxx_set_zoom_mode'
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: make the help about power mode more consistent
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: support setting the zoom mode
2012-05-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: check if strtok_r is available
2012-05-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: check if sigaction is available
2012-05-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: add a fallback definition for ENOTSUP
2012-05-22 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: get the framerate from the video stream
2012-03-28 Antonio Ospiteexamples: keep the -h option as the last one in am7xxx...
2012-03-26 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'unstable'
2012-03-23 Antonio Ospitedoc: add examples to the Doxygen documentation
2012-03-23 Antonio Ospitesm7xxx-play: add missing newline on some error messages
2012-03-21 Antonio OspiteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rettichschnidi...
2012-03-21 Antonio Ospiteexamples: set proper return codes in am7xxx-play
2012-03-21 Antonio Ospiteexamples: add a -l option to am7xxx-play
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderRemove douled semicolons
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderCheck the user submitted value for the rescaling method.
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderFix the wording of the help message for the rescaling...
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderUpdate the help message to make it clear that the quali...
2012-03-20 Reto SchneiderLet the user set the power mode via the switch '-p...
2012-03-16 Reto SchneiderMerge branch 'unstable' into rettichschnidi
2012-03-15 Antonio Ospiteexamples: add a am7xxx-play example program