CMakeLists.txt: use GNUInstallDirs
[libam7xxx.git] / src / CMakeLists.txt
2018-03-02 Antonio OspiteCMakeLists.txt: use GNUInstallDirs
2018-02-27 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: fix C99 conformance for printf & co. when compi...
2016-06-29 Antonio Ospitesrc/CMakeLists.txt: fix a compilation warning about...
2015-11-17 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: bump _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 200112L for lroundf()
2014-05-07 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'zoom-tele-picopix'
2014-05-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add a msleep() implementation in tools.[ch]
2012-05-10 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'mingw-port'
2012-05-10 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: don't look for the math library when compiling...
2012-03-26 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'unstable'
2012-03-21 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: round scaled_height and scaled_width
2012-03-16 Reto SchneiderMerge branch 'unstable' into rettichschnidi
2012-03-08 Antonio Ospitepicoproj: move it to an example/ directory
2012-03-01 Antonio Ospitecosmetics: remove some unneeded white spaces
2012-01-25 Antonio OspiteSerialize struct am7xxx_header properly before sending...
2012-01-13 Antonio OspiteUse Cmake and make libam7xxx a shared library