am7xxx-play: Replace deprecated FFmpeg API symbol PIX_FMT_NV12
[libam7xxx.git] / doc /
2015-01-25 Antonio Ospitedoc/lsusb_dumps: add lsusb_Philips-PicoPix-1020.log
2014-11-05 Antonio Ospitedoc: update
2014-05-08 Antonio OspiteUpdate email address and copyright years
2014-05-07 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'zoom-tele-picopix'
2014-05-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: allow setting the AM7XXX_ZOOM_TELE zoom...
2014-05-07 Antonio Ospitepicoproj: allow setting the AM7XXX_ZOOM_TELE zoom mode
2013-11-18 Antonio Ospitedoc/lsusb_dumps: add lsusb_Philips-PicoPix-2055.log
2013-11-18 Antonio Ospitedoc/lsusb_dumps: strip trailing spaces
2013-11-18 Antonio Ospitedoc/man: misc fixes to man pages
2013-07-27 Antonio Ospitedoc: update
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteRename am7xxx_mode_switch to am7xxx-modeswitch
2013-07-27 Antonio Ospitedoc: mention the Top-Height/TEC PP700 in the Doxygen...
2013-07-27 Antonio Ospitedoc: add some lsusb dumps for reference
2013-03-25 Antonio Ospitedoc, contrib: add PicoPix 2330 to the list of supported...
2013-03-18 Antonio Ospitedoc: add a man page for am7xxx_mode_switch
2012-10-14 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx: add support for Philips/SagemCom PicoPix PPX...
2012-09-17 Antonio Ospiteexamples: support multiple devices
2012-09-17 Antonio Ospitedoc: update Doxygen configuration
2012-07-27 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'am7xxx_set_zoom_mode'
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: make the help about power mode more consistent
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospitepicoproj: make the help about power mode more consistent
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx-play: support setting the zoom mode
2012-07-08 Antonio Ospitepicoproj: support setting the zoom mode
2012-06-20 Antonio Ospitedoc: update the list of supported devices
2012-05-10 Antonio OspiteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rettichschnidi...
2012-05-06 Antonio Ospitepicoproj: add a note about image dimensions and native...
2012-03-28 Antonio Ospitedoc: fix the "custom install targets" to handle DESTDIR
2012-03-28 Antonio Ospitedoc: use ${DOC_OUTPUT_PATH} in the targets once we...
2012-03-28 Antonio Ospiteexamples: add power level setting to picoproj
2012-03-28 Antonio Ospitedoc: make sure docs have been generated when installing
2012-03-26 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'unstable'
2012-03-23 Antonio Ospitedoc: add generation of man pages from asciidoc sources
2012-03-23 Antonio Ospitedoc: add a link to the public API on the main page
2012-03-23 Antonio Ospitedoc: add examples to the Doxygen documentation
2012-03-16 Reto SchneiderMerge branch 'unstable' into rettichschnidi
2012-03-07 Antonio Ospitedoc: add an install target
2012-03-07 Antonio Ospiteam7xxx, doc: add Doxygen documentation for the public API