2012-01-15 Antonio OspiteFix Copyright year
2012-01-15 Antonio OspiteAdd GPL-3 license text
2012-01-13 Antonio OspiteRename the header_len field to header_data_len
2012-01-13 Antonio OspiteMake including am7xxx.h in C++ code safe
2012-01-13 Antonio OspiteUse Cmake and make libam7xxx a shared library
2012-01-12 Antonio OspiteSplit am7xxx functions and definitions
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteAdd backup and changelog rules to Makefile
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteAdd initial support for USB output communication
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteAdd support for sending an actual JPEG image
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteImage size is always unsigned
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteWrap lines when dumping big buffers
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteAdd some command line options
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteMinor Makefile cleanup
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteRewrite to support different packet types
2012-01-07 Antonio OspiteFix a typo
2012-01-06 Antonio OspiteInitial import