descriptionA web scraper to convert supported websites, like, to RSS
ownerAntonio Ospite
last changeSun, 2 Jan 2022 21:44:39 +0000 (22:44 +0100)
2022-01-02 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: fix rendering Instagram images in... master
2021-12-28 Antonio OspiteTweeper.php: fix Invalid Character Error when convertin...
2020-12-27 Antonio OspiteNEWS: add release notes for the v1.4.3 release v1.4.3
2020-12-27 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: stop and return failure when Instagram...
2020-12-24 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: check http response code and return...
2020-12-24 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: set User-Agent to impersonate a Google...
2020-12-18 Antonio OspiteRevert "Add back partial support for using...
2020-12-18 Antonio OspiteRevert "src/Tweeper.php: only override the User-Agent...
2020-06-11 Antonio OspiteREADME: fix license so that 'licensecheck' determines...
2020-06-10 Antonio OspiteNEWS: add release notes for the v1.4.2 release v1.4.2
2020-06-10 Antonio OspiteNEWS: fix indentation for some entries
2020-06-09 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: only override the User-Agent to a...
2020-06-09 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: allow overriding the User-Agent in...
2020-06-09 Antonio Ospitesrc/Tweeper.php: use file_get_contents to retrieve...
2020-06-08 Antonio OspiteFix style issues pointed out by PHP_CodeSniffer
2020-06-08 Antonio OspiteUpdate copyright years in recently modified files
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