Merge tag 'v1.4.1' into debian/master
[tweeper.git] / Makefile
2016-12-11 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v1.0.0' into debian
2016-12-10 Antonio OspiteMakefile: mention DESTDIR in the "INSTALLATION COMPLETE...
2016-12-10 Antonio OspiteMakefile: make the symlink in BIN_DIR refer to the...
2016-12-10 Antonio OspiteMakefile: fix installation after the code restructuring
2014-04-24 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v0.3' into debian
2013-11-19 Antonio OspiteRemove the auto-generated ChangeLog
2013-11-18 Antonio OspiteMakefile: fix typo s/INTALLATION/INSTALLATION/
2013-11-17 Antonio OspiteAdd a Makefile rule to generate a Changelog file
2013-11-17 Antonio OspiteAdd a man page
2013-11-08 Antonio OspiteAdd a Makefile to simplify installation and packaging