Merge into generate-encolure-elements
[tweeper.git] / tweeper.php
2013-08-11 Antonio OspiteMerge into generate...
2013-08-04 Torsten Groteonly enclosify certain mimetypes, use same user agent
2013-08-04 Torsten Groteadd initial support for enclosures
2013-08-03 Antonio OspiteFix a typo in an error message
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteChange mode of tweeper.php
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteAdd -h and --help options
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteAdd another date conversion routine
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteUse __DIR__ when building the stylesheet path name
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteRename formatDate() function to epoch_to_gmdate()
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteBe more verbose in error messages
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteMake stylesheet file name parametric
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteChange of behavior| Now a URL is required as an argument
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteFactor out a usage() function
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteUse php_sapi_name() to check for CLI interface
2013-07-07 Antonio OspiteFormat dates using an external php function
2013-07-07 Antonio OspiteInitial import