debian/changelog: release package version 1.0.0-1
[tweeper.git] / README
2016-05-23 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v0.6' into debian
2016-05-15 Antonio OspiteUse https in URLs for and
2015-09-13 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v0.4' into debian
2015-09-13 Antonio OspiteREADME: improve wording in a paragraph
2015-09-13 Antonio OspiteREADME: describe what tweeper is in a more generic way
2015-07-06 Antonio OspiteAdd support for public pages
2015-03-02 Antonio OspiteREADME: mention the supported sites in the README file
2013-08-11 Antonio OspiteMerge into generate...
2013-08-11 Antonio OspiteFix a typo: s/tweeter/Twitter/
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteAdd an example with
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteMention in the README that other sites can be converted...
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteUpdate the documentation to use URLs as arguments
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteMention as an alternative service
2013-07-07 Antonio OspiteFix a typo
2013-07-07 Antonio OspiteAdd more info about how to call Tweeper from command...
2013-07-07 Antonio OspiteInitial import