2013-04-05 Antonio OspiteAdd support for master
2012-11-22 Antonio OspiteFix urlRegexp for some links
2012-11-06 Antonio OspiteUpdate rules for
2012-11-06 Antonio OspiteAdd grant directives
2012-09-01 Antonio OspiteAdd support for
2012-09-01 Antonio OspiteDecode HTML entities in the target URL
2012-09-01 Antonio OspiteRe-indent the initCommand initializer for
2012-09-01 Antonio OspiteUpdate the regexp for
2012-05-05 Antonio OspiteAdd a semicolon at the end of a line
2012-05-05 Antonio OspiteFix linkDestXPath for
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteRelease version 0.4 0.4
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteSet site.pageURL so the log prints correctly show where...
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteFix support
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteUse XPath to find the elements of interest
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteFix doc about pageURL field which no longer exists
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteAdd a note about the "download" attribute for anchors
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteAdd support for
2012-02-12 Antonio OspiteAdjust z-index for the Direct Download link
2011-12-23 Antonio OspiteRelease version 0.3 0.3
2011-12-23 Antonio OspiteSupport RaiReplay
2011-12-23 Antonio OspiteStrip some trailing spaces
2011-12-23 Antonio OspiteUse the initCommand hook on
2011-12-23 Antonio OspiteAdd an initCommand hook
2011-12-23 Antonio OspiteDon't call _get_URL() directly if we use the onEvent...
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteCheck if the Direct Download Link has been added already
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteRename the 'links' variable in _add_link() to 'destination'
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteAdd a processURL hook
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteAdd the Direct Download link to the page on a UrlFetche...
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteAdd some comments
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteAdd initial support for
2011-12-10 Antonio OspiteSplit out _get_URL() and _add_link() functions
2011-12-09 Antonio OspiteAdd a DDL_log() functions
2011-12-09 Antonio OspitePass over a site object to functions not its fields...
2011-12-08 Antonio OspiteRename fileElem to urlContainer and fileRegexp to urlRegexp
2011-12-08 Antonio OspiteMisc fixes
2011-12-08 Antonio OspiteFix a couple of error messages
2011-12-08 Antonio OspiteAdd some more TODO entries
2011-11-14 Antonio OspiteRelease version 0.2 0.2
2011-11-14 Antonio OspiteRename to direct_download_links.user.js
2011-11-14 Antonio OspiteSupport Repubblica TV Live, which streams using mms...
2011-11-14 Antonio OspiteAdd support for*
2011-11-14 Antonio OspiteChange the link style
2011-09-19 Antonio OspiteFix spelling errors
2011-08-02 Antonio OspiteInitial import