kboot-mkconfig: bump package version to 0.4
[kboot-utils.git] / kboot-mkconfig
2013-11-24 Antonio Ospitekboot-mkconfig: bump package version to 0.4 master v0.4
2013-11-24 Antonio OspiteInstall kboot-mkconfig_lib under /usr/share/kboot
2013-11-19 Antonio Ospitekboot-mkconfig: fix a typo
2011-09-30 Antonio OspiteRelease v0.2 as the first actually working release v0.2
2011-09-23 Antonio OspiteRelease a new version with a ChangeLog file v0.1a
2011-09-13 Antonio OspitePut "set -e" after the license header
2011-04-14 Antonio OspiteInitial import