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2016-05-23 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v0.6' into debian
2016-05-23 Antonio add enclosure element for...
2016-05-20 Antonio OspiteUse more accurate names for the date conversion functions
2016-05-20 Antonio OspiteRename epoch_to_gmdate to epochToGmdate, and str_to_gmd...
2015-09-13 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v0.4' into debian
2015-02-27 Antonio make the feed validate with...
2014-04-24 Antonio OspiteMerge tag 'v0.3' into debian
2014-04-24 Antonio OspiteUpdate email address and copyright years
2014-04-24 Antonio Ospiterss_converter_*.xsl: specify xml:base
2013-08-11 Antonio OspiteMerge branch 'generate-enclosure-element'
2013-08-11 Antonio OspiteTurn epoch_to_gmdate() and str_to_gmdate() into static...
2013-07-27 Antonio OspiteAdd initial support for scraping activity streams