visomat-data-downloader: use uint8_t for bytes
[visomat-utils.git] / src / visomat-data-downloader.c
2016-01-09 Antonio Ospitevisomat-data-downloader: use uint8_t for bytes
2016-01-09 Antonio Ospitevisomat-data-downloader: fix a missing parenthesis...
2016-01-09 Antonio Ospitevisomat-data-downloader: fix format strings
2015-11-04 Antonio OspiteFix parsing the eeprom when there are users with no...
2015-08-20 Antonio OspiteImprove a comment in visomat-data-downloader.c
2015-06-10 Antonio OspiteWrap line exceeding 80 characters
2015-06-10 Antonio OspiteSet configuration following
2015-06-10 Antonio OspiteImprove error messages relative to libusb calls failures
2015-06-10 Antonio OspiteMisc libusb cleanups
2013-03-13 Antonio OspiteAdd a way to filter measurements by user ids
2013-03-13 Antonio OspiteFix parsing systolic pressure
2013-03-13 Antonio OspiteClaim interface after detaching it from a possible...
2013-03-13 Antonio OspiteInitial import