2017-06-23 Antonio OspiteREADME: mention also pkg-config as a build dependency master
2017-06-23 Antonio OspiteREADME: add a note about the build dependencies
2017-06-23 Antonio OspiteRemove an extra newline
2017-06-23 Antonio OspiteFix a warning from clang about an implicit conversion
2017-06-23 Antonio OspiteFix an unguarded else clause
2014-08-18 Antonio OspiteMention the xcursor-themes package in the README file
2014-08-18 Antonio OspiteClean up the Makefile, and fix a linking problem
2010-01-20 Antonio OspitePrint the correct program name in usage info.
2010-01-20 Antonio OspiteCosmetics
2010-01-14 Antonio OspiteAdd a .gitignore file
2010-01-14 Antonio OspiteInitial import