2021-09-28 Antonio Ospitepython: update python examples to modern python, Gst... master
2018-12-14 Antonio Ospitegst-raiplay-download.sh: do not set fragment-duration...
2018-12-14 Antonio Ospitegst-raiplay-download.sh: rename mp4mux from "mp4" to...
2018-12-14 Antonio Ospitegst-raiplay-download.sh: rename tsdemux from "ts" to...
2018-12-14 Antonio Ospitegst-raiplay-download.sh: make a comment shorter
2018-12-14 Antonio Ospitegst-raiplay-download.sh: update the URL of the bug...
2018-12-14 Antonio Ospitegst-raiplay-download.sh: fix some shellcheck warnings
2018-10-16 Antonio Ospitegst-input-selector-switch.py: use a better pattern...
2018-10-16 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-decoupled-pipelines.py
2018-08-30 Antonio OspiteRename class callbacks to avoid ambiguities with possib...
2018-08-30 Antonio OspiteAdd ges-multi-split.py
2018-08-29 Antonio Ospitegst-vocoder.sh: add an alternative sink to output to...
2018-08-29 Antonio Ospitegst-vocoder.sh: use vocoder_1337.so from swh-plugins
2018-08-29 Antonio Ospitegst-vocoder.sh: use alsamidisrc and adjust the comment...
2018-08-29 Antonio Ospitegst-vocoder.sh: remove trailing spaces
2018-08-29 Antonio Ospitegst-screencast.sh: fix and improve audio recording
2018-08-28 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-spectrascope-test.sh
2018-08-28 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-v4l2-capture.sh
2018-03-30 Antonio OspiteAdd ges-videocrop-effect.sh
2018-01-08 Antonio Ospitegst-test-jpegdec.sh: Add 4:1:0, 4:1:1 and 4:4:0 subsamp...
2018-01-08 Antonio Ospitegst-test-jpegdec.sh: split out height and width settings
2017-12-28 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-test-jpegdec.sh
2017-12-18 Antonio Ospitegst-test-perspective.py: add an example about a rotatio...
2017-12-18 Antonio Ospitegst-test-perspective.py: fix a typo
2017-12-18 Antonio Ospitegst-test-perspective.py: port to the cv2 module
2017-07-31 Antonio Ospitegst-screencast.sh: flush on EOS to make videos usable...
2017-07-31 Antonio Ospitegst-screencast.sh: fix passing XIMAGESRC_ARGS
2017-07-24 Antonio Ospitegst-screencast.sh: make the script more general and...
2017-02-14 Antonio Ospiteges-cut-clip.sh: user bash in the shebang line
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-playbin-switch.py
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-player-example.py
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-input-selector-switch.py
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-screencast.sh
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd a script to create test files
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-concat-tests.sh
2016-12-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-raiplay-download.sh
2016-06-07 Antonio Ospiteges-cut-clip.sh: use the new syntax for the clip operat...
2016-06-07 Antonio Ospiteges-cut-clip.sh: fix a typo s/bliling/bailing/
2016-06-07 Antonio Ospiteges-cut-clip.sh: remove leading zeros before performing...
2015-09-10 Antonio OspiteAdd an example of how to cut clips with GES
2014-10-09 Antonio OspiteRename gst-test-rotate.sh to gst-test-videoconvert...
2014-10-09 Antonio OspiteAdd a test program for the perspective element
2014-10-09 Antonio OspiteAdd a test script for the rotate element
2014-10-02 Antonio OspiteAdd gst-fakesrc-random-midi-notes.sh
2014-09-18 Antonio OspiteAdd a NOTES.txt file in the python examples dir
2014-09-18 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode-looping-3.py: cleanups
2014-09-18 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode-looping-2.py: cleanups
2014-09-18 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode-looping-1.py: fix looping with negative...
2014-09-18 Antonio Ospitegst-custom-player.py: port to GStreamer 1.0
2014-09-18 Antonio Ospitegst-looping-video-{1,2}.py: port to GStreamer 1.0
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode-looping-3.py: port to GStreamer 1.0
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode-looping-2.py: port to GStreamer 1.0
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode-looping-1.py: port to GStreamer 1.0
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: fix seeking with a negative rate
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: indent to be more PEP8 compliant
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: handle EOS and error conditions
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: pass the speed rate as a command...
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: pass file names in the command line...
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: add a comment to explain what the...
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-trick-mode.py: port to GStreamer 1.0
2014-09-17 Antonio OspiteAdd the gst-vocoder experiment
2014-09-17 Antonio OspiteAdd the gst-audio-interleave-channels.sh example
2014-09-17 Antonio OspiteAdd the gst-adder.sh example
2014-09-17 Antonio Ospitegst-debug-dump-dot-files.sh: use the PWD env var
2013-11-02 Antonio OspiteRename gst-matrix-example to gst-perspective-example
2013-10-24 Antonio OspiteAdd an example program for the matrix plugin
2013-10-24 Antonio OspiteAdd a c/ subdir for experiments with the C API
2013-10-24 Antonio OspiteMove gst-fdsrc-and-videoparse.sh to the shell/ subdir
2013-10-24 Antonio OspiteAdd a shell/ subdir for shell examples
2013-10-24 Antonio OspitePort gst-fdsrc-and-videoparse.sh to GStreamer 1.0
2013-10-24 Antonio OspiteMove python experiments to a python/ subdir
2013-03-20 Antonio OspiteAdd an example for fdsrc and videoparse
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteAdd a DOCS.txt file to collect useful docs
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteAdd a test program where looping in trick mode works...
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteStricter state trsnsition checks
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteReformat a comment so that lines stay in 80 characters
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteAdd pixel-aspect-ratio=1/1 to force the rescaling
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteMove the capsfilter meant for videoscale _after_ the...
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteFix setting width and height in the capsfilter
2013-03-05 Antonio OspiteExaggerate the aspect ratio to better see the rescaling...
2013-02-28 Antonio OspiteImprove some comments
2013-02-28 Antonio OspiteAdd some more examples
2013-02-28 Antonio OspiteRename gst-simple-player.py to gst-custom-player.py
2013-02-28 Antonio OspiteInitial import