2011-04-21 Antonio OspiteSupport unloading the module built from the full kernel master
2011-04-21 Antonio Ospitegspca - kinect: fix comments referring to color camera
2011-04-21 Drew Fishergspca - kinect: fix a typo s/steram/stream/
2011-04-21 Drew Fishergspca - kinect: move communications buffers out of...
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteFix warnings from linux-2.6/scripts/
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteRemove some trailing spaces
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteThanks Steven Toth explicitly
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteRemove some c++ comments and improve an output message
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteAdd a configurable stream_flag field
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteBe less verbose when debug is off
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteShut up debug, to see how verbose the driver is
2011-04-07 Antonio OspiteUpdate copyright and remove marcan name
2011-02-15 Antonio OspiteAdd IR stream support.
2010-12-19 Antonio OspiteUse the name video_camera instead of color_camera.
2010-12-19 Antonio OspiteFix a typo, s/UYUV/UYVY/g.
2010-12-17 Antonio OspiteAdd 1280x1024 mode and UYUV pixel format.
2010-12-17 Antonio OspiteRebuild the module before loading it.
2010-12-11 Antonio OspiteAdd a NOTES.txt file
2010-12-05 Antonio OspiteAdd a .gitignore file
2010-12-05 Antonio OspiteInitial import